Spoor & Fisher supports the NSRI

On average 600 children are drowned in South Africa each year – and around ten times that number survive a drowning experience. Those statistics are chilling but the figures would be far worse were it not for the sterling efforts of the National Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa (NSRI).

The NSRI saves lives on the ocean and inland waters, not only thanks to rescue work but also through its educational activities, particularly the Waterwise Academy. People of all ages, ranging from holiday makers to professional mariners and members of the fishing industry benefit from the selfless efforts of the NSRI’s 980 unpaid volunteers - and this is why Spoor & Fisher chose the organisation to be a beneficiary of its corporate social responsibility programme for 2016.

A donation of R4 000 was made and kindly acknowledged by the NSRI. Spoor & Fisher is pleased to have been able to support a charity that quite literally gives the gift of life to so many people each year.