Adult Literacy

It is a sad legacy of apartheid that a significant portion of the South African population has had little or no access to any formal education, leaving them unable to read or write. This has not only had a negative impact on their lives, emotionally, intellectually and materially - but also on their children. Literacy empowers people and gives them back their dignity.

Spoor & Fisher began its adult literacy initiative in 1994. The objective of the programme was very simple - to help reduce the backlog in education and to provide basic education and literacy skills to as many educationally disadvantaged adults in the Centurion area as possible.

The school is open to anyone who is illiterate and learners are usually domestic workers and gardeners who have been unable to find any other kind of work. However, no-one - whatever their age - is turned away from the centre and several older children who for a variety of different reasons never went further than Grade 7 in school have also been assisted. Some 30 learners graduate from the school each year.

Spoor & Fisher finances the teachers’ salaries, learner’s books, stationery and exam fees. As well as hiring study premises. Courses are offered in mother tongue literacy, English literacy and numeracy.